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June 7, 2020

The first year of your child’s life is a period of substantial social, emotional, and cognitive milestones. During this time, your little one will already be able to explore different things – from solving simple problems to responding to requests and saying his first words.

As his mother, this is an equally exciting period for you – so much so that it might push you to pressure yourself into giving your little one an extravagant birthday party. There’s nothing wrong with that, of course. You just need to plan and prepare for it as it would also serve as a symbol for you and your child’s achievements.

Taking that into consideration, you would need all the help you can get. For starters, here are five essential birthday planning tips every newbie mom should know about:

1.   Create and Stick to a Budget and Guest List

When planning a child’s birthday party, you must always prepare two important things: a budget and a guest list.


Setting a budget accomplishes two things: it prevents you from overspending and helps you avoid unexpected costs along the way. Knowing your budget for the party will also help you to determine the number of people you can invite and what activities you can incorporate into the gathering.

Guest List

The guest list, as you may already have guessed, identifies the people you will invite to join the celebration of your child’s first birthday. Aside from the financial consideration, having this list handy also will help you adjust activities, food, and other details of the party according to guest demographics. It can also help you see which friends and family you can rely on for help during the big day.

2.   Work Around Your Little One’s Napping Schedule

On your first year as a first-time parent, you probably observed that your child behaves better when his tummy is full and he is well-rested. Take the latter into consideration when planning his birthday party to make sure that he doesn’t skip it by sleeping the entire time or ruin it for everyone else by throwing tantrums due to sleep deprivation.

For most kids, having the party earlier in the day would work. In this case, you can have a brunch party or an afternoon shindig as evenings are often dedicated to downtime for little toddlers.

Of course, it will still depend on your child’s specific nap schedule, so be sure to monitor his routine first before finalizing the time of the party.

3.   Don’t Go All Out

While it may be tempting to rent out an entire restaurant or activity center for the event, it is wise not to go all out during your child’s first birthday party. Aside from saving a lot of cash, spending the event closer to home (if not at home) will be a convenient choice since you will probably have more free help (helpful neighbors). Remember that the goal of the party is to make your baby happy, not just to impress the guests.

While you’re at it, why not ditch paper invites and maximize the power of social media? For example, Facebook has an invite feature that not only allows you to send personalized invitations to party guests but also keeps track of the RSVPs.

4.   Ask for Volunteer Photographers

Enlist friends and relatives as photographers for your child’s first birthday. Aside from taking the task off your hands, it also ensures that you are in the photographs that capture important moments in the event.

It will also allow you to focus on your little one’s needs and create a better photo album, thanks to pictures taken at various vantage points taken by different people.

5.   Prepare for Guests of All Ages

As mentioned earlier, the guest list will serve as your guide in planning the party based on visitor demographics. This means you should prepare food for both the young and those who are young-at-heart. Make toddler foods easy to eat and easier to clean.

The same goes for the event entertainment. Birthday party mascots are great for entertaining children of all ages but make sure to pick one that’s not too scary for your one-year-old celebrant.

Set up more diaper changing stations if your guest list comprises more of little ones than grown-ups. Baby-proofing the venue is also a good idea if you have plenty of two- and three-year-olds in the crowd.

Here’s to Stress-Free First-Birthday Planning!

Being a first-time mother can be both exhilarating and exhausting. To mark your first year doing this exciting-yet-terrifying job, it is imperative that you plan for an awesome and stress-free first birthday party for your little one by taking these tips to heart.


In 2008, Managing Director and Founder of The Big Moo Events Lorate Hamzeh left a successful career in Human Resources to venture into the niche market of children’s entertainment. By introducing the UAE to Singing Telegrams, Lorate attracted the attention of the children’s entertainment market with a collection of fun mascots. Within a year, Lorate added children’s entertainers and bouncers to the company’s ever-growing list of services, and the rest was history.

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